Automatic viscometer with sampler, AVS® Pro III

Fornitore: SI Analytics

SCOI285420030EA 73280 EUR
Automatic viscometer with sampler, AVS® Pro III
Viscosimetri Viscosimetri Capillari Automatici
The AVS Pro III with autosampler has been developed for viscosity measurements in the polymer and petroleum industries.

  • High sample throughput
  • Process controlled by PC (not supplied) using AVSPro software (supplied)
  • ProClean system and micro dosing make routine operation safer particularly for aggressive sample fluids
  • Includes choice of two sample racks 16×100 ml or 56×20 ml
  • Optoelectronic and TC scanning for clear and opaque samples
  • Three axis-positioning sample dosing system

The X-Y-Z positioning mechanism provides parallel operation of up to eight viscometers, in two thermostatic baths, at two different measuring temperatures. This method is used in the oil industry to determine the viscosity index.
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