Automatic viscometers, ViscoSystem® AVS® 470

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Automatic viscometers, ViscoSystem® AVS® 470
Viscosimetri Viscosimetri Capillari Automatici
The ViscoSystem AVS 470 is the first measuring device that allows suction and pressure measurements completely independent of a PC.

  • Determination with pressure or with vacuum for high viscosities
  • Both detections methods optical or thermal are possible
  • Nearly all necessary calculations are integrated
  • Additional parameters can be set up over a regular PS 2 keyboard

This brings maximum independence and flexibility, allowing you to set up a measuring station, that meets highest requirements, even under difficult conditions, to monitor production or control quality in the polymer and mineral oil industry.

The ViscoSystem AVS 470 determines the time which the sample to be examined requires to flow through the measuring distance in the capillary viscometer with quartz precision.

All common types of viscosity calculations are already integrated into the device, a small PS 2 keyboard is all you need to enter additional data.

A serial printer can be used to conveniently document your measuring results.
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