VWR® Gas Venting Filters

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VWR® Gas Venting Filters
Filtri Filtri di ventilazione
VWR® Gas venting filters are designed for obstructing bacterial, particles or moisture when venting in different applications. Sterile venting of bioreactors, fermentation tanks, media flasks, and carboys. Sterile gas purge of cell culture vessels or filling vessels. In-line sterilisation of and particulate removal from air and gases. Obstruct moisture to protect equipment.

  • Sterile packed filters are ready to use
  • 100% class VI resin
  • Optimised hydrophobic PTFE membrane provides superior flow rates in a compact device
  • Integrity tested with bubble point testing or water breakthrough testing
  • Robust design and ultrasonic welded construction allow for multiple autoclave cycles
  • Non-pyrogenic

The filters are basically incorporating a hydrophobic PTFE membrane in a polypropylene housing, provide excellent thermal and chemical compatibility.

- Max. temperature 121 °C, 15 min; Max. autoclaving 10 cycles
- Max. operation pressure: 3,5 bar (350 kPa, 50,7 psi) at ambient temperature
- Max. operation temperature: 121 ℃ (250 ℉) at 1,0 bar (100 kPa, 15 psi)
- Step hose barb connection suits tube with ID 7 to 13 mm

Certificazioni: Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 quality management.
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