Magnetic hotplate stirrers, ARE/AREX 5 series

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Magnetic hotplate stirrers, ARE/AREX 5 series
Dispositivi agitatori Agitatori magnetici con piastra riscaldante
Magnetic hotplate stirrers, designed to provide optimal heating performance, reliability, and exceptionally long product lifetime. Different models to fulfil any laboratory requirement, from basic applications to precise thermoregulation.

  • Excellent heating performance up to 310 °C with homogeneous temperature
  • Precise thermoregulation of the medium with PT100/PT1000 probe (±1,0 °C) and VTF digital thermoregulator (±1,0 °C)
  • Powerful brushless motor gives superior resistance over time and top-notch stirring performance, for up to 20 L (H₂O)
  • The internal electronic parts are protected by the insulating disk which resists even the most challenging environments and applications (IP 42 protection)
  • SpeedServo™ torque compensation technology for constant speed even when the viscosity of the medium changes
  • Safety functions to protect users in daily operations, also with analogue models
  • Extremely bright and easy-to-read digital display to constantly monitor temperature and stirring speed and set parameters with the highest precision
  • All models are designed for an extended lifespan and are guaranteed by a three year warranty

The ARE/AREX 5 series hot plate stirrers are suitable for a wide range of applications from basic heating and stirring to synthesis reactions requiring excellent thermoregulation capabilities. The series enables every laboratory to meet the highest safety needs: Various safety functions, such as safety circuits, over-temperature protection and probe detection alarm, protect the user in daily operations. It is also possible to limit the maximum operating temperature.

Thanks to the insulation of the heating plate and a robust die-cast aluminium housing, all the internal electronic parts are protected, enabling the instruments to work even in the most demanding laboratory environments. The inclination of the front panel has been carefully designed to optimise the user experience and to enable the values shown on the digital displays to be easily read.

The ARE 5 is the entry-level model designed to guarantee safety, provide powerful stirring and excellent heating for basic applications in industrial and academic laboratories. The product of choice for no-frills users looking for a durable and high-performing magnetic hotplate stirrer. The AREX 5 is a versatile hotplate stirrer with CerAlTop™ plate, upgradable with the VTF Digital Thermoregulator for direct temperature control of the liquid. It is suitable for basic to temperature-sensitive applications where precise sample thermoregulation is required.

The AREX 5 Digital is the series best-in-class, ensuring precise thermoregulation of the media, high safety and maximum reliability. It is the perfect solution for temperature-sensitive laboratory applications where precise and accurate thermoregulation of the sample is required to ensure maximum reproducibility. The AREX 5 Digital can be connected to external PT100 and PT1000 probes or to the VTF for precise temperature control of the medium. The CerAlTop™ plate reaches a maximum temperature of 310 °C; when connected with the temperature probe (PT100 and PT1000) the AREX 5 Digital is able to heat up the medium up to 300 °C with an accuracy of ±1,0 °C while with the VTF ±0,5 °C.

Housing material: Aluminum body - Technopolymer enclosure
Motor: Brushless (BLDC)
Torque compensation: Speedservo™ Technology
Hot plate alarm: Over 50 °C (overtemperature alarm over 330 °C)

Certificazioni: IP protection class according to DIN EN 60529: IP 42.
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