Stereo microscopes, SMZ160 series

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Stereo microscopes, SMZ160 series
A versatile stereomicroscope for everyday use in education, industry, and the life sciences. Model SMZ160 features Greenough optical system, 6:1 Zoom ratio, 0.75x / 4.5X Zoom magnification, working distance 100mm, a pole type stand with LED incident and transmitted light or no light integrated. Expand your possibilities with a wide range of accessories.

  • Magnification: Continous zoom from 7,5× - 45×
  • Binocular or trinocular head to mount a digital camera
  • Available with LED illuminated or plain stands without light
  • Implemented click-stops allow precise reproduction of magnification for measurements
  • Working distance: 100 m
  • Darkfield and polarising light available as options

Affordability and precision are beautifully combined in Motic´s new SMZ160 Stereo Zoom Microscope. This all-rounder, designed to be a versatile and durable optical instrument, can handle the rigorous demands of high school and university usage, all while also meeting the high-performance requirements for industrial quality control and inspection, research, medical and forensic applications. The SMZ160 series stereomicroscopes feature an ergonomically designed yet resistant metal body that ensures years of consistent performance without compromising quality. Additionally, a variety of accessories are available to ensure perfect functionality for any application.

By offering a working distance of 100 mm, the SMZ160 series’ Greenough optical system allows you to move from smaller to larger samples and vice-versa with minimal focus adjustment. When combined with its high-eyepoint 10×/20 mm eyepieces and a 45-degree inclination, this makes for hours of comfortable sample viewing.

This series also features a smooth focusing system that offers crisp and highly responsive handling, providing high-resolution images throughout the full standard magnification range of 7.5× to 45× with a 6:1 zoom ratio. Available with either LED illuminated and plain stands and either a binocular or trinocular head, you can choose the model that best suits your needs. At Motic, we offer you a wide range of auxiliary objectives with different magnifications: 0.35×, 0.5×, 0.75×, 1.5×, and 2.0× that can be selected based on your total magnification and/or working distance requirements

The SMZ160 series’ state-of-the-art LED illuminated stand offers a bright 3W LED illumination in both the reflected and transmitted light packages. The provided LED light source resembles the colour temperature of natural light (5000K-6000Kº), ensuring that sample colours remain true to life. It also features intensity control for the optimal viewing of all kinds of samples.

These stereomicroscopes can be paired with a wide range of illumination accessories to meet the needs of any application. When a larger sample area is needed while also maintaining shadow-free illumination, a high-intensity Ring Light can be affixed below the objective or auxiliary lenses to provide steady light to the entire sample surface. By contrast, when your application requires looking for features and defects that can only be seen when certain parts are in shadow, the Segmentable Ring Light (60T) is the perfect accessory, shining light on certain quadrants while keeping others in shadow for effortless viewing.

Certificazioni: Models SMZ-160-BLED and SMZ-160-TLED only (also accessories LED assembly for R2LED incident illumination and LED assembly for R2LED transmitted illumination):
Council Directive 2014/30/EU (EMC Directive);
Council Directive 2014/35/EU (Low Voltage Directive);
UKCA Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016;
UKCA Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2016;
Council Directive 2015/863/EU (RoHS Directive).

Informazioni per l'ordine: Five-year warranty on mechanical and optical parts (models SMZ-160-BP and SMZ-160-TP);
Two-year warranty on electrical parts and five years on mechanical and optical parts (models SMZ-160-BLED and SMZ-160-TLED).

Informazioni per l'ordine: Models SMZ-160-BP and SMZ-160-TP include dust cover. Models SMZ-160-BLED and SMZ-160-TLED include dust cover, and black/white and frosted stage plates.
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