Vertical autoclaves, T-Lab Eco

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Vertical autoclaves, T-Lab Eco
Sterilizzatori Autoclavi (sterilizzatori a vapore)
Affordable performance and trusted reliability for your laboratory sterilisation needs. These compact units sterilise liquids, solids, sealed and unsealed bottles providing performance and quality in a small space. The units have a cylindrical chamber which makes them easier to operate, less expensive to maintain, and more reliable over a longer working life.

  • Solid, glassware and liquid loads
  • Efficient sterilization time including cooling
  • Two PT100 sensors as standard
  • Built to last without features and parts you do not need
  • Multicolour user-friendly touch screen
  • Connect to network and use R.PC.R software to generate reports with graphs and tables
  • Stores the last 1000 cycles in built-in memory
  • Portable - comes standard with lockable wheels
  • International standards and PED certified

T-Lab Eco was developed especially for educational institutions and research facilities. Designed with simplicity and economy in mind. These vertical floor-standing autoclaves cover the fundamental needs for general laboratory sterilisation with the aim of increasing the productivity of your laboratory. Offering the best universal capacity, together with the optimisation of resources such as water, power and operating time results. An affordable and reliable solution you can count on for managing your laboratory workload.

Certificazioni: In compliance with DIN ISO 9001
IEC 61010-1: Part 1, IEC 61010-2-040: Part 2-040 and EN 61326-1: Part 1
Pressure Vessel – PED 2014/68/EU

Informazioni per l'ordine: The T-Lab Eco V60 is supplied with 2 wire baskets and T-Lab Eco V85 is supplied with 3 wire baskets.
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