SMS sequential sterilisation wraps, blue, heavy duty, 50 gsm

Fornitore: Keystone Cleanroom Products

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SMS sequential sterilisation wraps, blue, heavy duty, 50 gsm
Involucri per sterilizzazione
Keystone Cleanroom Products' line of heavy-duty SMS wrappers provide an excellent microbial barrier. Ideal for pharmaceutical production applications.

  • Manufactured and packaged in a certified ISO 8 cleanroom
  • Clean - no cellulose
  • Strong, rip and tear resistant 50 gsm SMS material
  • An extensive range of sizes available means less cutting
  • Hydrophobic barrier allows sterilisation gases, but prevents liquid and microbial penetration
  • Sub packed into sealed labelled poly bags with lot number and date of manufacture for complete traceability

For use in steam, ethylene oxide and hydrogen peroxide sterilisation processes.

Certificazioni: Certificates of Conformance sent with shipments.

Confezione: The SMS wraps are packed in sealed, labelled poly bags with lot number and expiration date for traceability.
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