Headspace oven and sample changer for coulometric KF titration

Fornitore: SI Analytics
SCOI285227840EA 12340 EUR
SCOI285227840 SCOI285227820 SCOI285227850
Headspace oven and sample changer for coulometric KF titration
The headspace oven technique of the TO 7280 allows the separation of the water to be titrated from liquid, solid and semi-solid (paste-like) samples. In combination with the TW 7650 sample changer, up to 49 samples can be analysed.

  • Semi-automatic or fully automatic water determination
  • No contamination of the anolyte, generator and indicator electrodes
  • Application range from 35 to 280 °C
  • Reproducibility: ±3 μg bei 10 to 1000 μg, 0,3% bei >1 mg

Requires TitriSoft version 3.50 or higher to operate. One position is reserved for the zero-vial to determine the start drift.

Scope of supply headspace oven TO 7280: Basic unit with power supply 100 to 240 V.
Scope of supply autosampler TW 7650: Basic unit, device is connected to the TO 7280 headspace oven and supplied with power.
Scope of supply autosampler software set TW 7650-TitriSoft: TW 7650 basic unit, TitriSoft 3.5P.
Scope of supply headspace oven autosampler -set TO 7280 - TW 7650 set: Headspace-oven TO 7280, autosampler TW 7650, TitriSoft 3.5P.

Special features of the Headspace Oven (TO 7280): Automatic lowering and raising of the needle head, automatic switching on and off of the air/gas supply, can be upgraded to a fully automatic system by connecting the sample changer (TW7650).

Special features of the Sample Changer (TW 7650): Can be upgraded to the TO 7280 oven at any time, up to 49 samples can be measured, the start drift can be determined before each sample, each sample can be measured at a different temperature.

Number of positions: 49 samples + 1 zero vial.

Informazioni per l'ordine: Titrator TitroLine KF Trace M6 required, sold separately.
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