ImageXpress® Confocal system

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ImageXpress® Confocal system
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Capture large 3D organoid and spheroid images with up to double the speed. The ImageXpress® confocal system increases image intensities and throughput for 3D organoid and spheroid assays, revealing insights other technologies miss.

  • An ideal solution for screening organoids, spheroids, and other 3D cell models quickly, reliably and effectively
  • High-intensity laser light source high-performance laser excitation with seven laser lines and eight filter combinations increase multiplexing flexibility
  • Automated water immersion objective technology offers greater image resolution and sensitivity with up to 4X increase in signal leading to lower exposure times
  • Multiple imaging modes, including phase contrast and brightfield label-free imaging, fluorescence, widefield, and confocal imaging with water immersion optics as a standard option

The ImageXpress® confocal high-content imaging system utilises a seven-channel laser light source with eight imaging channels to enable highly multiplexed assays while maintaining high throughput by using shortened exposure times. Water immersion objectives improve image resolution and minimise aberrations so scientists can see deeper into thick samples. The powerful combination of MetaXpress® software and IN Carta® software simplifies workflows for advanced phenotypic classification and 3D image analysis with machine learning capabilities and an intuitive user interface.

IN Carta® image analysis software leverages modern machine learning to improve the accuracy and robustness of high-content image analysis, delivering data insights that other technologies miss. Reduces the complexity of image analysis with intuitive guided workflows in a modern user interface.
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