VWR® Real Time Electrophoresis Systems

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VWR® Real Time Electrophoresis Systems
Sistemi per elettroforesi Sistemi orizzontali per elettroforesi su gel
VWR® Real Time electrophoresis systems have revolutionised DNA electrophoresis. it is no longer necessary to remove a gel from a tank, place it onto a transilluminator for viewing or place the gel into an imaging system to take a photo. These versatile and compact systems are an all-in-one replacement for a power supply, gel tank, transilluminator and gel imaging system.

  • Monitor DNA separation in real time
  • Blue LED transilluminator (included) slides under the gel tank
  • Amber emission filter is built into the gel tank safety lid
  • Imaging enclosure included for smart phone documentation
  • Includes 2 casting gel and combs
  • Choice of 2 versions: With or without power supply

The small but powerful blue LED transilluminator optimally excites safe green DNA stains such as SYBR® Green, Gel Green™ and others. The 465 nm blue wavelength is safer than UV and will not damage DNA in the gels. The amber emission filter in the gel tank cover contacts the running buffer to prevent fogging so that DNA bands can be clearly visualised as they separate. The smart phone imaging enclosure, fits on top of the tank lid and allows quick imaging of separation results using a smart phone. All iPhone, Samsung and other popular phone models are supported.

Informazioni per l'ordine: A complete gel casting set is also included, and includes a casting stand, two different sized gel trays and combs (12 combs of 5.6×1 mm and 22 combs of 3×1 mm) to form rows of 12 or 22 wells respectively.
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