Transfection reagents, GeneJammer

Fornitore: Agilent Technologies
AGLS204131EA 2004 EUR
AGLS204131 AGLS204132 AGLS204130
Transfection reagents, GeneJammer
Reagenti per trasfezione
The GeneJammer transfection reagent is a proprietary formulation of novel polyamines ideal for transient or stable transfections in a wide variety of cell types.

  • Fast and easy to use, no media changes required
  • Enables high level adenovirus transduction in the absence of an adenovirus specific receptor
  • Works with media containing antibiotics, growth factors and/or other supplements

This transfection reagent is effective in both serum-containing medium and serum-free medium, offering high efficiencies with minimal cytotoxicity.

1.33 mg/ml reagent in 80% ethanol.

Attenzione: For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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