VWR® Professional Series, Agitatori magnetici con piastra riscaldante

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VWR® Professional Series, Agitatori magnetici con piastra riscaldante
Dispositivi agitatori Agitatori magnetici con piastra riscaldante
VWR Professional hotplate stirrers are designed for applications that require exceptional accuracy, stability and repeatability. Enhanced microprocessor control offers an external resistance thermometer (RTD) probe option that delivers superior temperature control of the sample. Stirring function, with continuous duty motor and powerful magnet, maintains set speed even under changing load or viscosity. Touch pad controls with easy to read, independent LED displays for temperature, speed and time, allow operator to view all settings at once. Rear housing features a built-in support rod holder with locking knob that accepts the supplied probe kit.

  • Temperatura sempre uniforme con agitazione costante a tutte le velocità
  • Display digitali indipendenti per temperatura, velocità e tempo per la visualizzazione dei valori impostati ed effettivi. Visualizzazione delle ultime impostazioni utilizzate, anche dopo lo spegnimento
  • Struttura resistente ai prodotti chimici e con superficie fredda al tatto
  • Completo di kit sonda per temperatura RTD esterna
  • Scelta di modelli con piastre di appoggio in ceramica o alluminio

Low profile design takes up less space and fits into fume hoods. Spill resistant housing channels fluids away from internal components. A 'hot' symbol warning light is illuminated when heat is turned on and remains on until top plate cools down. Stir protection; if stirrer motor stops or fails, unit will automatically shut down heater. Plate over-temperature limit ensures plate temperature will never exceed users programmed set temperature limit, allowing for control of sensitive flash points. An audible alarm will sound when time reaches zero or when unit reaches set point temperature in timed mode, and if the probe disengages from sample, unit will automatically shut off heater. Microprocessor control with enhanced electronics regulates both heating and stirring and brings samples to temperature quickly and efficiently. Ramping feature slowly increases speed for improved safety and enhanced coupling. Avoids splashing, improves spin bar control and provides excellent low end speed control. Ceramic tops feature a chemically resistant, reflective white top plate surface that is easy to clean. Durable aluminium tops will not crack or chip, and provide a more even heating surface.

Informazioni per l'ordine: Each unit is supplied complete with a 203 mm stainless steel PT1000 temperature probe, a 457 mm stainless steel support rod, thermometer/temperature probe extension clamp, hook connector and a PTFE coated magnetic stirring bar.

Attenzione: * Below 100 °C ±2 °C environmental and sample conditions permitting. Caution: If you are using a probe accessory with a Professional unit, make sure you don’t exceed a sample temperature of 250 °C, otherwise the probe tip might become damaged.
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