High definition digital microscope, EVO Cam II

Fornitore: Vision Engineering
High definition digital microscope, EVO Cam II
Making image capture and documentation simpler, faster and more reliable - wherever ultra-sharp images are required for inspection, fault analysis and much more.

  • Exceptional high resolution 1080 p / 60 fps image quality
  • Intuitive easy image capture and documentation
  • Stand-alone, wireless or PC connectivity
  • High quality stands for precision and stability
  • Unique 360° rotating viewer
  • Ultra-sharp image quality with full autofocus
  • Optical magnification range 1,7 to 300×
  • Maximum magnification with digital zoom 3600×
  • Fast 60 fps provides clear images without motion blur
  • Full 360° inspection without the need to manipulate subjects under magnification
  • Large field of view and long working distances
  • Eliminate set-up time with up to 10 pre-sets
  • Custom overlays to aid inspection
  • Wi-Fi and USB 3.0 for fast image transfer
  • Efficient dimensioning with virtual calliper and scalable grids

EVO Cam II digital microscope delivers excellent image quality to help uncover hidden details. Optical magnification up to 300× and full autofocus ensures ultra-sharp images at all
times. EVO Cam II provides the ability to measure complex parts efficiently and quickly using overlays or point to point measurement.

Capture high resolution images at the touch of a button either direct to USB memory stick, via wireless or direct to a PC. 10 programmable pre-sets allow camera settings to be saved for quick and easy recall. Pre-sets can be exported and imported allowing users to share settings between units and sites ensuring consistency of inspection. Calibration can also be saved in pre-sets for quick recall.

Stand options include Ergo stand, double-arm boom stand, and multi-axis stand.

Ergo stand features a small footprint providing exceptional stability for high magnification use. Transmitted substage illumination option permits viewing of a wider range of sample types. Floating stage option provides sensitive control for accurate inspection of samples; ideal for inspecting fragile samples, or for avoiding contamination by handling. Coarse and fine focus counter for high magnification subjects.

Double-arm boom stand is designed specifically for applications requiring extended reach, without compromising stability. Easy adjustability allows precise positioning and alignment. Available with platform base, or with clamp for mounting directly to the work surface. Multi-axis stand is precise and robust, ideal for industrial applications where maximum work space is desired. Integrated gas strut provides counter balanced adjustability, making operation quick and effortless. Switch between tall components and flat samples with ease. Available with platform base, or mounted directly to the work surface.

Informazioni per l'ordine: Includes 22" LCD colour HDMi screen, 4 G USB stick to store pictures, USB 3 output and interface cable for connection to a computer, and univeral plug.

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