TISAB II Solution, Supelco®

Fornitore: Merck
89466-500MLEA 91.1 EUR
TISAB II Solution, Supelco®
Soluzioni tampone Tamponi di regolazione di forza ionica
TISAB, in general, is mixed with samples, as it helps in maintaining the ionic strength and pH constant. It is mainly used to decomplex metal-F complexes.

TISAB II can be prepared using NaCl with glacial acetic acid, 1,2-Cyclohexylenedinitrilotetraacetic acid and NaOH. It also has high concentrations of cation chelators that hydrolyse fluoride-ion pairs to form fluoride ions.

TISAB II has been used to determine total fluoride concentration using fluoride ion sensitive electrode from dental varnish.
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