Gel documentation system, G:BOX Mini

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Gel documentation system, G:BOX Mini
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The G:BOX mini is a compact, multi application imaging system for accurately imaging mini and midi fluorescence and visible gels, multiplex fluorescence Western blots, stain free gels and chemiluminescent blots.

  • Small footprint leaves plenty of room on any lab bench
  • Stain free imaging capability to capture images of stain free acrylamide gels and many more
  • High quantum efficiency (QE) camera to detect picogram or femtogram amounts
  • Luxury lens (F/0,95 motor driven) with data feedback captures the highest quality images
  • Automatic motor driven stage with automated focus for real, optical images
  • White, UV and blue lighting options image all gels and blot types on one system
  • Cleverly designed screen mount option easily and securely attaches a monitor

G:BOX mini features the option to use not just white LEDs but multicolour, blue, green, red and infra-red high intensity LEDs which are up to 200 times brighter than standard LEDs, giving the user faster captures and brilliant multiplexed fluorescence images. The RGB and IR HI-LED lighting options for fast quantification of multiple fluorescent proteins without stripping and re-probing.

GeneSys application driven image capture software contains extensive database of dyes and imaging protocols. GeneSys automatically selects the optimal lighting and filters to produce the perfect image. GeneTools analysis software (unlimited copies) analyse data at your own computer. Fully integrated with single click computer controlled intuitive GeneSys software.

Certificazioni: ISO 9001:2008
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