VWR® Midi S PerfectBlue, Gel system

Fornitore: VWR

700-0814EA 1150 EUR
VWR® Midi S PerfectBlue, Gel system
Sistemi per elettroforesi Sistemi orizzontali per elettroforesi su gel
Capable of rapidly running up to 160 samples, the Midi S is a compact, but highly efficient, electrophoresis system. Versatility is built-in, with six different comb positions and a choice of 10 different comb types and thicknesses available. For rapid handling, special microtitre combs enable rapid loading with a multichannel pipette, while the effective rubber sealed 'end gates' allow gel pouring right in the tray. With its sturdy design and straight electrodes, the results are clear, crisp and quick, free from 'smiling' bands.

*Based on an agarose gel of approximately 5 mm thickness

Informazioni per l'ordine: Supplied with 4 combs (1,5 mm thickness, 2×17 and 2×34 teeth), lid, gel tray, tank, cables and 'end gates' for gel pouring.
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