Cannon-Fenske viscometers, KIMBLE®

Fornitore: DWK Life Sciences
SCERSP46460-400EA 313 EUR
SCERSP46460-400 SCERSP46460-300 SCERSP46460-50 SCERSP46460-150 SCERSP46460-350 SCERSP46460-200 SCERSP46460-100
Cannon-Fenske viscometers, KIMBLE®
Viscosimetri Viscometri Capillari
This viscometer requires calibration against a standard liquid of known viscosity or against a second viscometer with known constant.

  • Permanently marked with individual serial number
  • Lines and legend are printed black
  • Viscosity ranges shown for an efflux time greater than 200 seconds

Cannon-Fenske viscometers for kinematic viscosities of transparent liquids.

Certificazioni: ASTM D445 designed from ASTM D446
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