Centrifuges, bench top, refrigerated, 5920 R (General Lab Product)

Fornitore: Eppendorf
EPPE5948000.510EA 15390 EUR
EPPE5948000.510 521-2629 EPPE5948000.960 EPPE5948000.365 EPPE5948000.860 EPPE5948000.660 521-2614 EPPE5948000.010 EPPE5948000.560 EPPE5948000.460 EPPE5948000.260 EPPE5948000.060 521-2792 521-2791 521-2776 521-2613 EPPE5948000.615 EPPE5948000.810 521-2774 EPPE5948000.765 521-2630
Centrifuges, bench top, refrigerated, 5920 R (General Lab Product)
Centrifughe Centrifughe da banco
This centrifuge features a superior capacity of up to 4×1000 ml which makes it the ideal instrument for high-throughput and large volume applications. It has a powerful refrigeration system with advanced temperature management to keep samples safe.

  • Automatic rotor recognition and imbalance detection for maximum operational safety
  • FastTemp function for quick pre-cooling; FastTemp pro® function allows for automatic precooling based on pre-programmable time and date
  • Continuous cooling maintains a constant temperature after the run has been completed – samples stay cool
  • ECO shut-off engages after 8 hours (adjustable) of non use to reduce energy consumption and to extend compressor life
  • Saves up to 99 user-defined programs; 5 program keys for easy access to routine programs
  • Soft-touch lid closure; two open lid positions (half open for easy reach of lid and fully open for rotor exchange)
  • Eppendorf QuickLock® caps and lids for easy one-hand operation and ergonomic bucket lid locking

Rotor S-4x1000 package with high-capacity buckets: Max. 3153 ×g.
Rotor S-4x1000 package with plate/tube buckets: Accommodates both tubes and plates, max. 3092 ×g.
Rotor S-4x1000 package with round buckets: Compatible with 1 liter bottles, max. 3428 ×g.
Rotor S-4x750 package with round buckets: For medium capacity with high speed, max. 4816 ×g.
Rotor S-4xUniversal-Large package with universal buckets: Accommodates both tubes and plates, max. 4402 ×g.
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