Turbidity calibration standards, formazin, Supelco®

Fornitore: Merck
TURB05-100MLEA 81.1 EUR
TURB05-100ML TURB50-100ML TURB50-500ML TURB10-1L TURB10-500ML TURB100-1L TURB2-100ML TURB20-500ML TURB4000-500ML TURB4000-100ML TURB05-1L TURB5-100ML TURB500-500ML TURB500-100ML TURB100-100ML TURB2-500ML TURB1000-100ML TURB1-500ML TURB20-100ML TURB1000-500ML TURB1-100ML TURB5-1L TURB20-1L TURB05-500ML TURB1000-1L TURB4000-1L TURB10-100ML TURB100-500ML TURB5-500ML TURB1-1L TURB4-500ML
Turbidity calibration standards, formazin, Supelco®
Standard Standard per torbidità
Certificazioni: ISO guide 34:2009 and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified.
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