Microplate readers, Multiskan Sky

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Microplate readers, Multiskan Sky
Multiskan Sky microplate and cuvette spectrophotometer is designed to be exceptionally convenient and easy to use for virtually any photometric research application, especially DNA, RNA and protein analysis. The Multiskan Sky microplate spectrophotometer offers multiple connectivity options, including access to Thermo Fisher Connect cloud-based tools for secure and powerful remote data management. It also comes with intuitive Thermo Scientific SkanIt PC software, for added flexibility in protocol set-up and data analysis.

  • Onboard interface completely redesigned and optimised for touch screen use
  • Ready to use built-in protocols allow fast and accurate quantification of nucleic acids and proteins using μDrop Plate, microplates or cuvettes
  • Thermo Fisher Connect cloud-based tools allow you to securely store, access, share and manage your photometric data remotely
  • Proven optical design provides quality measurements for a wide range of volumes and sample formats

The optical system in the Multiskan Sky microplate spectrophotometer enables consistent, first-rate, high quality performance. The design incorporates a dual-beam optical system with an internal reference channel. Extensive automatic self-diagnostics at startup verify all major instrument functionalities. This, along with continuous runtime control of optical and mechanical functions, helps ensure stable day-to-day and year-to-year performance. With the Multiskan Sky microplate spectrophotometer, it is possible to switch between assays without limitation, measuring photometric signals between 200 and 1000 nm. Instead of filters, this instrument uses a monochromator system. A full spectral scan can be run in just 10 seconds.

The Multiskan Sky user interface is optimised for touchscreen use. The main screen allows quick selection between endpoint, kinetic, or spectral assays with the “Measure” function. Ready-to-use built-in protocols allow accurate quantification of nucleic acids and proteins using a μDrop Plate, microplates, or cuvettes. In both cases, concentration and purity results are automatically calculated and displayed. Furthermore, protein protocols allow you to select between four different protein types or create your own. At all points, the user interface provides an uncluttered view of choices that can be easily explored, for prompt decision-making. Once the measurements are performed, results are visualized both in plate and graph format. For endpoint measurements, results are displayed using our proprietary wavelength-adjusted heat maps. With these heat maps, the color in the user interface mirrors the actual color of the measured plate. This facilitates quick identification of active/inactive samples or high-/low-signal wells, as the visual sorting of the samples is done with colors that you are accustomed to seeing in your experiments.

The Multiskan Sky microplate spectrophotometer offers true versatility in data transfer for full mobility. In the touchscreen models, results can be saved automatically or manually to a USB memory device and local area network, or upload them to the Thermo Fisher cloud (as Microsoft Excel or SkanIt™ software files). Wireless (Wi-Fi) and wired network connections are available. Even if results are not backed-up immediately after measuring, the Multiskan Sky microplate spectrophotometer automatically saves data in its memory, so that the runs can be retrieved at a later time.

The Multiskan Sky touchscreen models can be connected to Thermo Fisher Connect cloud-based tools to enable secure digital data management, remote access of your instrument’s photometric data, and sharing between colleagues. Link:

SkanIt™ software offers a comprehensive selection of built-in calculations, including blank subtraction, standard curves and concentration/dose-response curve fitting, classification, quality control, kinetic, and spectral analysis. Each user can install SkanIt software on his/her own computer to set up assays and analyse data.

Certificazioni: Meets ASTM standards. EN-342.

Informazioni per l' accessorio: Analyse up to 16 ml-scale samples simultaneously with the Thermo Scientific™ μDrop™ plate, a quick and easy tool for DNA and RNA assays using photometric measurement and sample volumes down to 2 μl. The fixed light path of the µDrop™ plate allows direct calculation of the nucleic acid concentrations of the samples.

Informazioni per l'ordine: The Multiskan Sky spectrophotometer is available in five different configurations:
Multiskan Sky spectrophotometer with touchscreen and cuvette1 (with or without μDrop™ plate)
Offers the flexibility for use as a stand-alone instrument through the easy-to-navigate touchscreen or using SkanIt™ PC software. Plus cuvette reading functionality.
Multiskan Sky spectrophotometer with touchscreen* (with or without μDrop™ plate)
Offers the flexibility for use as a stand-alone instrument through the easy-to-navigate touchscreen or using SkanIt™ PC software.
Multiskan Sky, operated only with the SkanIt™ PC software
Ideal for users who rely on a PC for all operations.

1Allows access to Thermo Fisher Connect cloud-based capabilities. Wireless network connection possible.

Attenzione: *Specifications are valid for 96-well flat bottom microplates and quartz semimicro cuvettes with a 4 mm beam window.
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