Microplate washers, AquaMax®

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Microplate washers, AquaMax®
Washer per micropiastre
AquaMax® microplate washers are configurable with user interchangeable heads for both 96- and 384-well microplate washing applications, including plate or cell washing.

  • Wash heads can be changed in 30 seconds with no tools using innovative head latch mechanism
  • All replacement heads are recognised by the washer base, no recalibration required
  • Simultaneous well washing without plate indexing or quadrant processing
  • Completely programmable via touch screen interface
  • No external pumps or computer
  • Comprehensive, automated cleaning utilities
  • Robotics-friendly design

AquaMax® washers have several important automatic maintenance protocols, since the lack of proper washer maintenance is the number one cause of washer failure. One-Touch AutoClean completely washes system with AquaMax® sterilant; rinses with water and then air dries both the aspiration and dispensing channel to prevent contaminant build up. Auto-shutdown is user-definable and can automatically rinse and purge the AquaMax® washer with air, providing walk away flexibility at the end of the batch.

Informazioni per l'ordine: AquaMax® washer is available in two configurations. The AquaMax® 2000 has two fluid inlets; the AquaMax® 4000 has four fluid inlets and additional programming capabilities. Both systems have the same onboard touch screen computer for all programming, operation, and maintenance of the system. No external computer is necessary.
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