Room climate monitor, RM100

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Room climate monitor, RM100
Sistemi di monitoraggio Sistemi di montoraggio della temperatura e di CO2
For monitoring the CO2 concentration, the ambient temperature and the relative humidity.

  • Three different LEDs (Green, yellow, red) show the current Indoor Air Quality
  • Helps to improve room climate and prevent mold formation
  • Large LCD with backlight for easy reading in the dark
  • Acoustic alarm when CO2 limit is exceeded
  • MUTE button for alarm on/off
  • For tabletop use or wall-mounting

This smart, compact and easy-to-use device was designed to help people taking care of the Indoor Air Quality. The RM 100 can be widely used in office buildings, schools, exhibition halls, shopping malls, meeting rooms, fitness centers, restaurants and other public places where personal comfort and a healthy environment is important.

Informazioni per l'ordine: Supplied with 5V-adapter and Factory calibration certificate.
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