Gel filtration media, Sephadex™ LH-20

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Gel filtration media, Sephadex™ LH-20
Purificazione proteine Resine per la purificazione delle proteine
Sephadex™ LH-20 is a liquid chromatography media for molecular sizing of natural product such as steroid, terpenoid, lipid and low molecular weight peptides. Sephadex™ LH-20 is pre-pared by hydroxypropylation of Sephadex™ G-25, a bead-formed dextran medium.

  • Designed to use in polar organic solvents and aqueous solvent mixtures
  • Excellent for fractionation of lipids, hormones, vitamins, and other small biomolecules
  • Made from hydroxypropylated dextran beads that have been cross-linked to yield a polysaccharide network
  • Powerful chromatographic selectivity due to dual hydrophilic and lipophilic nature of the matrix
  • Excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility

Sephadex™ LH-20 is useful at both analytical and industrial scale for the preparation of closely related molecular species. Due to the physico-chemical properties of this media, it can be used either during initial purification prior to polishing by high performance ion exchange or reversed phase chromatography or as the final polishing step e.g. during the preparation of diastereomers.

Sephadex LH-20 is prepared by hydroxypropylation of Sephadex G-25, a bead-formed dextran medium.
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