TLC plates, silica gel 60, modified layers, RP-2/UV₂₅₄

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TLC plates, silica gel 60, modified layers, RP-2/UV₂₅₄
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Dimethyl-modified standard silica layers available as glass plates or ALUGRAM® aluminium sheets. Recommended for active plant constituents and steroids.

  • Silanised silica
  • Normal phase or reversed phase separation modes with purely organic, organic-aqueous or purely aqueous eluents

Silica 60: Specific surface (BET) ~ 500 m²/g; specific pore volume 0,75 ml/g; particle size 5 to 17 μm; pH stability 2 to 10.

Modification: Dimethyl, carbon content 4%.

Indicator: Acid-resistant product with a pale blue fluorescence for short-wave UV (254 nm) and UV-absorbing substances appear as dark-blue to black spots on a light-blue background.
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