Genomics Tools and Solutions

Genomics Tools, Solutions and Resources

Genomic Life Sciences, or the study of human genes and chromosomes, enables scientists to learn more about a patient's molecular biology.

Genomics has enormous potential to reshape drug discovery and development by leading the drive to “personalized medicine".

Whether you are working on advancing gene therapies or personalized medicine or using genomics tools and technologies for next-generation sequencing and genome editing, Avantor offers a wide range of genomic tools and solutions to pave the way for your scientific goals to be met.

Genomic life sciences: an overview

Human genetics has many applications in medicine, biotechnology, anthropology and other social sciences.

Mapping a human genome (the complete set of genes or genetic material present in a cell or organism) is time-consuming and produces a terabyte (TB) of unorganized data.

As technology advances and that data becomes easier to store and comprehend, more healthcare providers will use it to diagnose and treat patients advancing personalized medicine.

Genomic life Sciences uses a combination of DNA sequencing methods, and bioinformatics to sequence, assemble, and analyze the structure and function of genomes.

Genomics in the lab

Genomic life sciences utilize modern DNA technology to analyze the structure and function of a complete set of DNA within an organism.

This requires a variety of tools and techniques to be used in the lab:

  • Electrophoresis and purification systems to isolate DNA templates
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and sequencing to determine the sequence and map of the DNA base code.
  • Microarrays and genotyping to determine the similarity and differences between sequences, mass spectrometry for analysis of oligonucleotides (short DNA or RNA molecules)
  • Next- generation sequencers to analyze whole genomes.

Most scientific laboratories will use some kind of genomic tool in their research, clinical or forensic applications.

Five common genomic workflows in the lab include:

Nucleic Acid Purification & Measurement

DNA samples are purified by lysating (bursting or cutting) a cell or cell structure from desired samples using lab procedures to isolate the nucleic acids from its contaminants. Purifying DNA samples from contaminants also extends their shelf-life and reduces the probability of error when it comes to research results.

Avantor can help you source high-quality nucleic acid purification systems that are simple to operate and generate rapid results. Here are some choices below.


To study or detect individual genes or specific DNA of interest, obtaining a large quantity of nucleic acid for study is often necessary. Rather than isolate a single copy of the target DNA from a large number of cells, it is often more useful to generate multiple copies of a target from a single molecule of DNA or mRNA, via an in vitro amplification method.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is the most common DNA amplification method in molecular biology, Avantor’s product portfolio features a large selection of Genomic tools, solutions and resources geared towards this powerful method. Review a variety of genomics resources below that can deliver successful amplification for your lab’s research.

Sequencing in genomic life sciences

Sequencing is considered to be the “gold standard” method for the identification of known (as well as unspecified) variants in genomic DNA.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of DNA sequencing: shotgun and high-throughput.

Shotgun (Sanger) sequencing is the more traditional approach, which is designed for the entire sequencing of chromosomes or long DNA strands with more than 1000 base pairs. It involves a rapidly expanding firing pattern to read the DNA in short fragments of 100 to 1000 base pairs, which are then overlapped with a computer analysis system.

High-throughput is the next-generation method of DNA sequencing (NGS), which has led to the rapid acceleration of DNA sequencing and broadened knowledge in the field. It can produce thousands of sequences simultaneously, which significantly lowers the cost of the technique.

Sequencing supplies from industry leaders are available, affordable, and easy to use whether your lab utilizes Sanger Sequencing or Next-Generation Sequencing. Avantor’s tools and resources can help.

Electrophoresis & Detection

Analysis of a DNA sequence can be accomplished via a method called electrophoresis.

Electrophoresis is a term that basically describes the movement of molecules via an electric current and separation of those molecules based on size. You can skillfully perform electrophoresis and detect reliable data with Avantor’s wide array of Genomic life sciences tools and solutions from trusted brands.

DNA/RNA Modification, Cloning & Delivery

Genetic modification differs from cloning. Cloning creates an exact copy of all or part of an organism's DNA, while genetic modification makes changes to existing DNA to create a new, modified version of the genome.

Find everything your lab needs for DNA/RNA modification, cloning, and delivery. From DNases to transfection reagents, Avantor offers all the essential tools.

Focus on Breakthrough Discoveries With Genomics Tools From Avantor

Cutting-edge genomic tools from Avantor can help simplify your lab operations and support faster discoveries. From collection to DNA analysis, you can trust Avantor to provide the genomic life sciences products that are right for your laboratory.

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