UNICORN™ start software

UNICORN start 1.0 is the control software designed for ÄKTA start.

  • Data Management: robust database storage with easy access to data, data security, and data integrity.
  • Intuitive design: simple and flexible method creation using predefined templates and phases (steps).
  • Interactive process picture: enables real-time monitoring of the run and an intuitive way to control the run.
  • Easy reporting capabilities: evaluate, compare, and share results. Create and print PDF reports.

Depletion of albumin from serum samples using ÄKTA start

Purification of GST-tagged protein using ÄKTA start

Purification of an N-terminal histidine-tagged protein using ÄKTA start

Purification of antibodies using ÄKTA start and HiTrap Protein G HP column

29-0187-51UNICORN start software includes four different modules: System Control, Method Editor, Evaluation, and Administration, allowing you to design runs, operate the ÄKTA start instrument, and to evaluate and share results. While ÄKTA start can function as a stand-alone system, UNICORN start software maximizes the performance of the instrument.

Visualize your Run

Monitor your run using the interactive process picture map. This valuable functionality gives you real-time information about the current step, chromatogram, and various curves; flow, gradient, pressure and conductivity curves are displayed, along with fractions.

Simple and Flexible Method Creation

Methods can be created using predefined templates like Affinity, Ion Exchange, Gel Filtration, and Desalting. Customized methods can be created simply by dragging and dropping chromatography phases such as Prime and Equilibration, Sample Application, Wash out Unbound, Elution and Fractionation from the phase library. Methods can be run directly from the System Control module or simply transferred to a USB memory stick and imported into ÄKTA start if the system is being used as a stand-alone unit (i.e., the system is not connected to a computer).

Single-Click Operations

UNICORN start software has an intuitive graphic user interface that enables users to perform operations like controlling flow path, peak integration, and report generation in a single-click.

Product Information


29-0187-51 - UNICORN™ start software
29-0230-51 - Frac30 fraction collector
29-0220-94 - ÄKTA™ start, main instrument