Bioprocessing Facility Support

An Avantor Services Bioprocessing Specialist can help you tap the productivity of your discovery, PD, or production suites by reducing the burden of non-core and routine scientific tasks. We deploy experienced professionals with degrees in biology, chemistry and engineering. All team members are permanent full-time VWR associates.

Our Specialists support upstream areas including cell culture, cell banking and on-site media/buffer preparation. We assist with facility setups and support process development. In downstream operations our specialists assist with filtration, chromatography and routine analytical checks according to lab protocols.

Upstream Support

  • Large-scale media and buffer prep
  • Cell banking
  • Execute small-scale process studies
  • Maintain GMP lab records and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Maintain lab and production supplies

Downstream Support

  • Operation of fixed tank systems
  • Transport tanks and equipment to other production areas
  • Pack and recycle chromatography equipment
  • Perform routine analytical methods
  • Equipment cleaning and sterilization
  • Maintain batch process records
  • Freezer Farm Management of Production retained samples
  • Waste handling including single-use

VWR offers managed outsourced services exclusively to the Bioprocessing industry through our Avantor Services Services. Our mission is to enable the advancement of Bioprocessing science throughout the world. We use process excellence to deliver what we promise, accelerate discovery, scale-up and improve productivity for our customers and suppliers.

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